Hello my dear teddy lover.

I also love Teddy very much and have created a unique plush personality for you that will become your good friend.
Your Bear will come to you packed as the most expensive gift and you will never forget the day of your meeting. Welcome

How did it all start?

It was a tough year when all of humanity was locked up at home due to covid 19. My business stopped. Life is frozen. I sat at home and suffered because of the restrictions and the inability to go out. One day my friend suggested that I learn how to make Teddy. I was skeptical about this idea, but I went to class. It was love at first sight. I fell in love with bears with all my heart and started learning. Then I did not know that they would save me and give so much joy and love to other people.

My way

I started working every day. Learn new techniques. I went to master classes with famous artists and improved my technique and professionalism. I got many collectors in Ukraine, Europe, Canada, America, Israel and Africa. People stood in line for my bears. I became a professional and my art is known all over the world.

What now?

Because of the war I lost my home and moved to America. I live in New York and continue to create my plush personalities. The bears saved me a second time and I spend all my time getting better.

How to adopt my bear?

Go to the "Gallery" section and find an available bear. Next to his name will not indicate that he is adopted.
Write a message to my email bubbale21@gmail.com or to my Instagram / Facebook and indicate which bear you want to adopt. If you have not found an available bear, you can place an order and I will make your personal and unique bear. Check out the gallery for an example. You can choose its size, color of fur and eyes. You can ask for clothes or jewelry for him. Or you can wait for the new bear. Just ask me to send you a photo before I post it. And you can also ask to add your address to the mailing list and always receive photos of new bears so as not to miss anyone.


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