How to adopt my bear?

Go to the «Gallery» or to the «Available bears» section and find an available bear.  Next to his name will not indicate that he is adopted.  In the description of the available bear you will find all the necessary information about him and all the details of his adoption

Write a message to my email

Or write me a message in the messenger on facebook or instagram and indicate which bear you want to adopt.  

If you have not found an available bear, you can place an order and I will make your personal and unique bear.  Check out the gallery for an example.  

You can choose its size, color of fur and eyes.  You can ask for clothes or jewelry for him.  Or you can wait until it’s ready.  Just ask me to send you a photo before I post it.  

And you can also ask to add your address to the mailing list and always receive photos of new bears so as not to miss anyone. Just write me from your email to this address