Skif. My golden boy who won the hearts of the picky jury.

I stood aside and watched the process. Among all those luxurious bears, he was the only one who was picked up, hugged, played with his hair and pressed his paw. I looked at all that and was happy. Because more than anything, I wanted to create bears that would not just decorate the house. My buns are made for hugs. They are friends and support. All those people understood everything without words and were not ashamed to hug Skif. That was the moment when I realized that I was doing everything right and I should continue. They hugged the Ukrainian bear, they hugged me, they hugged Ukraine. Priceless experience.

I thank Donna Mettling for being my guide to Teddy’s American world. Thank you for this luxurious fur gift and support in the most difficult times.

I thank Cindy Malchoff, who organized this show, for the magical atmosphere she created with her friends and parents. For sincere hugs. For those people that she brought together and gave me the opportunity to become part of this big family.

I thank Katerina Kalashnikova for taking me by the hand into Teddy’s world. It changed my life. Teddies supported me during the difficult times of the pandemic and saved me during the war.

Thanks to Алла Зубкова, who took the risk of taking me, a completely inexperienced master, to that master class, and taught me to work in this special technique, which became the basis for my further achievements.

Thanks to Ksenia Miletskaya for ordering a word for me and supporting me all this time.

I thank all those beautiful girls, my colleagues, who have become a new family for me. For support, for lessons, for being so beautiful.

I thank my collectors for caring about my cubs, patiently waiting and taking them away faster than I can create them.

Thank you dear Bear Mikhail Gubenko. You are my muse. You are my support and support. Thanks to you, I became what I am.

Thank you parents Галина Данчук Іван Данчук. Thank you for your pride and support. Love you.

To be continued.

Everything will be Teddy.

Everything will be Ukraine.