Height 33 cm / 13 inches.

Handmade, one of a kind

The bear that can appear only once a year and only in the first month of winter. Absolutely special. I don’t even want to write much about it. I think everything I could tell you about it, you see in the photo. A magical winter creature with frozen snow in its big eyes. With a piercing gaze and a very bright character. The spirit of winter.

Its fur is delicate alpaca of a rich chocolate color. Paws and palms are made of natural suede. Its sweater is made of pure cashmere, tender as silk. The nose is handcrafted from a special polymer. The horns are also handcrafted and securely attached.

A bear with whom you’d want to drink tea on winter evenings and snuggle up together in a blanket.

It will come to you in a beautiful gift box and can’t wait to meet you.

My author’s «live» stuffing technology. Soft and natural kapok (vegetable silk) in the belly and paws.

Also inside are wood shavings, metal granules, artificial swan dawn. 

Teddy technique, five cotter joints, glass eyes. Moderate oil toning. Author’s performance.