Height 33 cm / 13 inches.

Handmade, one of a kind

Yes! It’s him. The one! At least for me. I’ve been working on a new pattern for a long time and learning a new technique for working with polymer materials for the new noses of my bears. I am absolutely satisfied with the result and even decided to show it to you without a jacket so that you can appreciate the charming folds on his tummy.

He is sewn from luxurious and silky mohair in the color of brie cheese. His heels and palms are made of natural suede. And his nose is sculpted from polymer and resembles a little sculpture. Very tender and soft, lively and mobile. He will arrive in his new home in a jacket made of Italian wool, the color of crème brûlée dessert


It will come to you in a beautiful gift box and can’t wait to meet you.

My author’s «live» stuffing technology. Soft and natural kapok (vegetable silk) in the belly and paws.

Also inside are wood shavings, metal granules, artificial swan dawn. 

Teddy technique, five cotter joints, glass eyes, embroidered nose. Moderate pastel toning. Author’s performance.