440$ plus shipping

Height 33 cm / 13 inches.

Handmade, one of a kind

My absolute favourite. I experimented with forms for a long time and finally achieved the result I was striving for. His body has the forms familiar to me, but a completely different head, which is sewn according to a very complex pattern, which made it possible to form such a beautiful baby muzzle. I am very satisfied with them.

It is made of very beautiful yellow mohair, which reminded me of a ripe banana. And he’s just as sweet and cuddly. His eyes are honey-coloured English glass. Paws and belly are filled with vegetable silk. Cedar sawdust in the head. Knitted sweater with a hood. It is very pleasant to hug and play with him. It is large enough and at the same time you can take it with you when traveling. I’m very proud of him.

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